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Steel Fence in Montgomery & Willis, TX

Classic iron fence is both elegant and beautiful. Steel fencing provides security and defines your properties borders. Ornamental fences can come in any number of standard styles and can also be custom made to your specific design requirements.

Ornamental Steel Fencing?

Galvanized metal fencing is long lasting and provides both beauty and security. As a border fence it provides a demarcation point between you and others. For security a ornamental fence can have sharp pickets that will make the most determined criminal think twice about climbing over. Steel is very strong and can be used to create tall fences that make it ideal as a security barrier.

Fence Panel Details

Metal fence panels can be purchased off the shelf or custom built per project. The standard metal fence panels are usually eight foot wide and 5 foot 6 inches high and can come in many styles. Metal pickets are generally spaced 6 inches apart and 4 inches apart for pools and handrails. For a quality wrought iron fence the material should be galvanized steel and baked on powder coated finish

Wrought Iron / Steel Fence Styles

Steel fencing is the most common material used for ornamental fences today. Classical wrought iron is rarely used. Modern steel fence material is galvanized to protect the steel against rust and corrosion. In addition the material is powder coated to create a hard paint barrier.

The styling of ornamental fences can be wide and is your personal choice of what you choose to have as your new ornamental design. If you are looking for more of a custom fence HQF can design and build fence panels to your desires.

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