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Montgomery Wood Fence, Willis Fencing

Wood is an excellent material to build with. No matter what you are constructing wood allows you to bring your imagination to life. Wood is a cost effective and easy to manipulate material for shaping to your minds eye. When it comes to building fences it is a natural material that gives you the ability to quickly and easily erect a fence that can last for many years to come when using the right types of lumber for your fencing project.

Wood Fence Options

Fence styles come in many options. Wood is the one material that you can create just about any style and configuration.

Wood Privacy Fence

Privacy fence is the most common fence in residential planned communities such as the League Line Rd. area and other planned communities. Privacy fence in the Lake Conroe area usually is built with pressure treated lumber and post and either cedar pickets or pressure treated pickets. When having a privacy fence built don't settle on a two rail fence insist on a three rail fence, it's not that much more expensive and HQF's pricing for a three rail fence is often the same as other contractors two rail fences.

Picket Fences

Picket fences come in a variety of sizes and configurations. A privacy fence is a picket fence with no spacing between the picket as not to allow anyone to see on the other side. In a classic white picket fence the pickets have regular spacing between them and is usally 3 or 4 foot tall. The cosmetics of a white picket fence is obviously it is painted white and above the top rail the pickets usually have some type of architechtiual interest such as arches, curves, and such.

Corral Fencing

Post and rail construction is used for building a corral fence to contain livestock and other animals. Wood is the most common material for corral fencing. Wood 4x4 post or larger deminsions are set 8 feet apart and 4 foot tall. After the post are set and cured 1x6 or 2x6 rails are attached. Depending on the need anywhere from 2 to 4 rails is common.

Field Fence

Wooden round post are used for wire mesh, barb-wire, electic, and high-tensel wire fencing. To keep wire fencing straight and true it is pulled tight, wood post are use at the corners and as line post to hold the fence up. Special bracing is used to account for the tension that puts stress on the corners. H-Braces and N-Braces are the most common method to build the corners.

Cedar Fence

The best and a very common material used in the Lake Conroe area is cedar. Cedar is naturally rot resistant and also resistant to insect infestation. Cedar will look better longer than other common materials used in this area including Montgomery, Conroe, and Willis.

Split-Rail Fence

For country, farm, and ranch fencing wood in the most common material. Spit-Rail is one of the most common wood fence and is almost always constructed from cedar logs that have been split. The conection points are a tenon and mortise joint.

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