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Decks come in many shapes, sizes, elevations, and built from a variety of materials. The most common deck is a simple ground level deck with no hand rails. If your deck is going to more than a few feet high you would mostly require handrails and stairs.

A well constructed deck is vital and the first thing to consider when having a new wooden deck built. Your deck will be required to carry large amounts of weight. The safety of your guest should be of primary concern.

Deck Construction

Almost like a Texas tradition or even law, every backyard should have a wooden deck to entertain and to BBQ on. The deck is a warm inviting place to enjoy the company of friends and family. With creative design you can create a unique outdoor space where people will want to be.

Wooden Deck Building Process

Just like any construction project, planning is important. Defining the needs and desires of you and your family we will work with you to build the deck you are wishing for. After we have a good idea you are looking for we will make some suggestions.

Site Layout

We begin by laying out the area where the deck is to be built. After the working area has been established we will run string lines to place the post for your deck.

Building the Deck

After the site layout has been prepared we begin to set the post and frame. We use best practice when framing a deck, that ensures that your deck will be strong and safe. After the frame is done we begin decking, adding handrails, and building stair cases if needed.

Wood Deck Staining and Sealing

For the final step staining and sealing the deck will give it beauty and protect it from the rain and damage associated with UV rays from the sun.

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