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Montgomery Field Fence - Willis Wire Mesh

If you run a farm or ranch then you have the need to contain and separate animals, livestock, and keep the predators out. Most farm and ranches have long extensive runs that need to be fenced. With longer runs the more it cost, so a cost effective fencing solution is needed.

The cost effective fencing solution for farms and ranches in field fence. With simple wooden post and t-post we can use a wire mesh fence with varying mesh patterns depending on your needs to build a fence that will contain your animals on a budget you can afford.

Field Fencing / Horse Fencing

Saving on material cost is important but it is equally important to remember the purpose of the fence in the first place. So even though wire mesh fencing is an economical choice we still build it with quality. Depending on the animals to be contained and the lengths of fencing needed, we will select the methods to build your new wire mesh fencing

Horse Fence

Horses will try to walk down a fence that they deem in their way. In order to keep the fence from being walked down and more importantly to keep the horse itself save from getting caught in the fencing a 2"x4" mesh pattern is used when horses are contained.

Livestock Fence

Larger mesh patterns such as a 6"x6" mesh is ideal for pigs, sheep, and other livestock. Wire mesh comes in many sizes and configurations, so what ever your need there is a fence for you. In addition the fencing can be wire-welded fencing, woven, and wire-knot connection and come in many gauges.

Wire Mesh Manufacturing Methods

Mesh field fencing wire is manufactured in various ways. Below you can find some of the most common types of wire mesh fencing.

Wire Mesh Types:

  1. GBW - Galvanized Before Weld and Galvanized Before Weave
  2. GAW - Galvanized After Weld and Galvanized After Weave
  3. VC - Vinyl Coated welded and woven
  4. SS - Stainless Steel and other alloys.

Wire welded mesh fence is the most economical but can rust at the connection point over time. The preferred wire is a weaved wire or a wire knot fence.

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