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Cedar Split Rail - Montgomery & Willis

It's easy to identify a split-rail fence when you see one. The cedar is usually irregularly shaped in a rough triangle type shape. The construction is a post and rail method, but, the identifying trademark is the tenon & mortise connection at the post and rails. The fence follows the contour of the landscape so it will be a rolling fence.

Cedar Fence With a Country Feel

If you like the look of a rolling fence that hugs the contour of the land and also like a rough natural rustic look then you absolutely need to consider a cedar split-rail fence. This fence looks fantastic.

Cedar is naturally resistant to rot and insect infestation. There is no need painting, staining, or even sealing the fence. If left to weather it will turn a silvery-gray. If you like the new fresh cut look you can seal it to keep it from weathering. We have stained and sealed many and they look fantastic, what every your plan you can't go wrong.

Gates on Split Rail Fencing

Using split cedar to build your gates from can be difficult because of the irregular split cedar logs. The weight is often quite heavy which in not a good idea for wider gates. We often build a rough cut cedar board fence with or without pickets. We can also use the split rail but will need to reinforce the gate frame with a metal frame for strength. It is typical to use at gate hinge lag bolt in the hinge post to hang the gate on. A strong strap hinge on the gate is also recommended.

Split Rail & Wire Mesh

If you would like to contain animals then simply adding a wire mesh 2x4 wire mesh on the fence will do the job. This is an attractive way to create a border and contain your animals and livestock.

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