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Year after year your various items (AKA My Stuff) and other peoples items (AKA Your Junk) accumulate until they are in the way. At this point you have three options 1) Throw it away, 2) Hold a Garage Sale 3) Create more storage space by having a utility/storage shed built.

We build on site and build custom quality sheds. We do not build discount cheap sheds.

Types of Common Sheds

Below are some of the most common styles of backyard sheds.

Gambrel Sheds

One of the biggest advantages to this style of shed is that gives you more storage space by allowing you to build out a loft. The most popular shed design on the market today is the gambrel shed. Most often refereed to a barn style shed due to its distinct roof design using a gambrel roof.

Gable Sheds

A gable shed gives you an area to create a loft of storage but not a much as a gambrel roof shed. The standard every day shed has a gable style roof like a lot of houses throughout Conroe, Montgomery, and Willis.

Lean-to Sheds

If you are looking for a simple and easy to build shed that is cost efficient to store your garden tools and other miscellaneous items then a Lean-to Shed is the option your looking for.

Saltbox Sheds

What distinguishes the salt-box shed design from other shed designs, again, is the roof. The salt-box roof is slightly different from the gable roof in the fact that the salt-box has one roof side shorter than the other, while the gable roof has equal length sides.  A little more work goes in to the truss design with the salt-box roof so having the right shed plan is the key to successful completion of your project.

Similar to a gable roof, a saltbox roof design differs that the roof on either side of the ridge differs in length and usually the wall heights are also unequal.

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