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Keeping your property private is the first step in effective security. Beyond privacy is borders and


. You can secure your property with fencing and access controls to keep the bad guys out. By creating levels of security you can do an effective job of keeping your home and family safe.

Keep Your Home Save With Fencing

By having a six foot or taller privacy screen will help reduce the temptation for people to consider your home or business a target. A privacy screen can be anything from a tall hedge, some trees, or even a privacy fence.

You must convey that there are boundaries and one should not pass. This is just to keep the timid honest, but will not likely keep the bad guys out.

The third aspect of security is deterrence. A well crafted fence can provide borders, privacy, and deterrence is designed to do so. Metal fence can give you strength and provide nice sharp points that no one wants to take the chance slipping and falling on. Chain Link fence is a good option but does not provide much in the way of privacy, however, privacy slats could always be added. Chain link is also outfitted with razor wire or barbed-wire for deterrence.

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