Rustic Wood Fence Conroe, TX

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Montgomery Country Fencing, Wills, TX

If you are looking for a fence that has a look and feel of ranches and farms from colonial America then we have a number of rustic fencing options that we can build for you. Natural fencing options are very popular in rural area like Conroe, Montgomery, and Wilis.

Rough Cut Lumber Fencing

Natural cuts of wood can be arranged in many way to create a functional but rough look that appears that a fence has been standing for a hundred years. One of the most popular rustic fences that we install for people is a cedar split-rail fence. Other options pressure treated round post or logs to create a post and rail fence.

Samples of Country or Ranch Fences

  • Basket Weave Fence
  • Snake Rail Fence
  • Wattle Fence
  • Split Rail Fence
  • Stockade Fence
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