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Montgomery Fencing - Willis Privacy Fence

Almost every home owners association requires a six foot privacy fence if you live in a planned community. Even if you are not a subject of the HOA overlords, then you may still have the desire for a well constructed privacy fence that will last many years and you can afford today.

Fencing Service Area

We provide service for the entire Lake Conroe area. We have built fences in Conroe, Montgomery, and Willis, TX. We look forward to building an affordable quality privacy fence for you.

Pressure Treated Fence

For a quality fence at a discount price then have us quote you a pressure treated privacy fence. Just because we can save you money by no means this is a cheap quality fence. We build or affordable pressure treated fence with three rails and a rot board. We use A-153-D hot dip galvanized ring shank nails that won't rust or bleed and stain your new fence. Ring shank nails also hold much better and are less likely to back out. We set each post a minimum of 24" deep and use a full 80lb. bag of concrete at each post.

Privacy Fence with Cedar Pickets

Our top quality fence uses cedar picket to provide security. We affix premium quality western red cedar pickets to your new well built fence. Cedar looks better longer and last longer. Cedar is naturally resistant against wood rot and insect infestation.

Affordable Fence .vs Cheap Fence

An affordable fence and a cheap fence can cost the same up front. A cheap fence will always cost more in the long run. An affordable fence like HQF builds is built with quality in mind. We can offer an affordable price to you because we have negotiated better material purchasing prices so we can save you money.

A cheap fence cost the same but the reason is strategic relationships or efficiency in the building process. Cheap fences are less expensive because to cut the quality by using poor quality wood, smooth shank electroplated nails, and 1/2 a bag of concrete in each post hole. The will also not include a middle rail to support the pickets or a rot board to keep the bottom of the pickets form getting wet and rotting per-maturely.

HQF Builds Affordable Quality Fences not Cheap Fencing. Never settle for a 2 rail fence unless you have a valid reason such as security. A two rail fence with smooth shank nails that are not galvanized will first bleed on your fence and then give allowing your pickets to fall off.

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