Conroe, TX Picket Fence

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Montgomery Picket Fences, Willis Fencing

If you are on Lake Conroe, in Willis, in Montgomery, or in the heart of Conroe, TX we can build you a timeless white picket fence. Have us build a classical fence that defines the American domestic family and that is a with picket fence and gate leading to your front door.

About Traditional Picket Fences

From the founding of this great country a white picket fence was a signature to the modern domestic family residence. Beyond just a family residence picket fences have been used for all types of applications for commercial, residential, industrial, and governmental applications. Stockade Picket Fences were a common fence options to provide security and privacy. Every fort in early US history had a stockade picket fence.

Picket Fence Design

The picket fence is a very basic design which most likely the reason it is so very common. The picket fence is a post and rail fence where pickets are space along the entire length of the fence. The pickets are nailed or screwed to the rails and post to attach them.

Picket Fence Materials

Wood is the most frequently used material to build a picket fence; however, vinyl, metal, and many other materials are used as well. A combination of all of these materials and more can be used. After the picket fence is erected it is painted and sealed if necessary.

New Picket Fence Installation

When installing a new picket fence the method is the same as most post and rail fence construction methods. We mark the fence line set the post in line, after the concrete has cured with attach the rails and then proceed to hang the pickets. Then all that is left is to stain or paint the fence.

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