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Garden Pergolas - Willis & Montgomery

A nice pergola in the backyard can make a difference between a patch of grass surrounded by a fence and a retreat to share with your friends and family. A pergola and a fantastic outdoor kitchen is an awesome backyard structure.

Pergola Uses

There a many uses for a pergola from a little shade, to a cover for your patio, or simply just because. What ever reason to have a patio there is no bad one. A patio will and both beauty and value to your home.

Common Pergolas - Traditional Design

As with any timeless design, simple elegance it the par for the course. A pergola is a simple and elegant, garden structure. The most common and traditional pergola design is post set using 6x6 lumber, 2x8 or larger beams where 2x6 or larger rafters sit upon. crossing the rafters is 2x2 purlins set close together to provide shade. Sometimes lattice is placed on top of the rafters. To give the structure strength curved bracing is fixed to the post and beams.

BBQ Kitchen Pergola

Why entertain your friend on a fold out table and a BBQ from the dollar store. If you wish to impress yourself and your friends then invest in your home by having HQF build you a complete outdoor kitchen with all the modern amenities such as refrigeration, sinks, quality BBQ pit, and food processing equipment. We can encapsulate all this equipment in marble, granite, or Formica counter tops that sit under a covered patio deck.

House Attached Pergola

If you are looking for a shade over an existing patio close to your home, a consideration is to have us build a pergola attached to the side of your house. This serves the need for shade and also adds values and appeal to your home if you ever decide to sell.

Rooftop Pergola / Terrace Pergola

Don't worry if you don't have a big backyard to place your desired pergola. We can build a pergola over an elevated deck, on a terrace, or even on a rooftop. Consult with us about what you want and we will come up with a solution.

Pergolas for Shade

Get additional shade value from your existing or new pergola by adding pressure treated or vinyl lattice to the top of the structure. There are also other was as adding more purlins, and UV filtering sun screen fabric.

Cantilevered Pergola

Pergolas don't always have to have post at every corner. A Cantilevered Pergola relies on just one side of the structure to have post. This design is usually reserved for long and narrow designs such as along the side of a building, board walk, or for seating along a pools edge. What ever your application a Cantilevered Pergola can give you a unique look and function.

Pathway Pergolas

For a shade structure for a walkway, corridor, or pathway you could always use a trellis or a pergola.

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