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Willis & Montgomery Constructions

Beyond just fencing HQF offers a complete line of other services. We specialize in outdoor construction for commercial and residential properties.

Outbuildings, Patios, Decks, etc.

Below you can find a few examples of the type of structures and services we offer.

Arbors / Trellis

We can build you simple garden structures such as arbors and trellis. These structures are great for gardeners to train and grow climbing plants.


If you are looking for an open air structure that multiple people can enjoy at the same time you might consider a pergola. A pergola is usually constructed over a stone or concrete patio to provide shading via a lattice work of rafter and beams.

Roof Covered Patios

For the ultimate outdoor structure we suggest a covered patio. It is really popular to create a very nice patio that is covered by an open air structure with a full fledged roof. These are great for an outdoor kitchen, bar, or even a swim up bar at your pool. The benefit is as long as the wind is not too strong it can be used rain or shine.

Traditional Garden Gazebos

For the iconic garden structure there is only one choice and the is a traditional octagon shaped gazebo. A relaxing place to sit and read a book or simple spend quality time with other people a gazebo is always a wise choice.

Utility Sheds

The most useful of all structures that you will find outside in your backyard or other parts of your property is a simple utility shed. It is vital to keep your belongings out of the elements if you don't want to be replacing the in short order.

  • Portable Barns
  • Portable Buildings
  • Storage sheds
  • Storage Buildings
  • Garden Sheds
  • Utility Sheds
  • Portable Cabins
  • Lofted Barns
  • Horse Sheds

Deck Construction

If you need a deck we can build you a quality wood deck to meet your needs. Call us and we will help you design and then build your wooden deck.

Deck Cleaning

After four or five years the mildew, mold, and fungus will start to show its ugly head on your wood deck. To give you deck a longer life the dirt, grime, and organic invaders such as wood boring insects, it is vital to routinely clean your deck. the best method is a pressure washing your deck with the proper detergents, chemicals, and using the right techniques.

Deck Restoration

There may be a point where your deck is not at the end of its life but definitely needs a make-over. We can restore your deck to its former glory. We will inspect, repair, clean, stain, and seal your deck so that you get many more years to entertain your friends and family.

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