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New Fencing in Willis & Montgomery

Every new home most likely has a need for a fence. Fence define boundaries, provide privacy, and give you an added level of security. If you have pets or livestock fencing can contain your animals as well. Fences come in many materials and styles, HQF can design and build a fence to met your needs and desires.

We service the entire Lake Conroe area including Willis and Montgomery TX. Give us a call and we will measure your property and get you a free quote on a new wood or metal fence.

Fence Types We Build

We can build just about any fence you desire from wood, metal, vinyl, or composites. Let us know what you are looking for, if we can get the materials to build it we'll do it.

New Privacy Fence in Conroe, TX

One of the most common types of fence we are asked to build is wooden privacy fence. These fence are usually six foot high and use dog eared picket attached with little to no spacing to give you privacy from people outside the boundaries of the fence. In addition a six foot fence is a security feature in the fact its hard to climb and if people can't see your stuff they are less likely to try to steal it.

Our quality build privacy fences are built with three rails a rot board and cedar pickets. We can also use pressure treated picket for economy and quality. If you need a privacy fence call us and let's talk.

Corral Fencing

In the Conroe area there are many of us who have livestock. We build quite a few corral fences for horses and other larger animals. Corral fence serves a definite purpose but it also provides a very nice rustic / country feeling look to your property.

Every fence we build is constructed with quality in mind. We bury each post a minimum of 24" and use a full bag of concrete at each post. We use a post and rail building style for your new corral fence. The rails are faced in equal distance down the height of the post to provide a barrier. After the fence is built it can then be painted or stained.

Wrought Iron Fence

Metal fencing is a long lasting fence if maintained. The enemy of wrought iron fence and other types of metal fencing is rust. If left unattended to the fence will decay and need to be replaced. With routine rust management and painting your fence will last a very, very long time.

Split Rail Fence

If you are looking for a nice rustic fence there is no going wrong with a classic western red cedar split rail fence. The material for the post and rails are made of cedar logs that are split for a truly organic look. The post has a mortise for each rail and the rails have tenons for a long lasting joint. The joint is designed to be loose to compensate for weather extremes which causes expansion and contraction in the wood.

Temporary Fencing & Construction Site Fences

For our commercial and industrial clients we can put up construction fence, silt fences, chain link fence for your tools and other valued assets. One of the main reasons for a construction or temporary fence is to keep your project and the general public separated. A contractor is liable for any injuries that might happen on a construction site. So have us erect a temporary construction fence to reduce your liability risk.

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