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Horse Safe Fence for Farm & Ranch

There are a few special considerations when constructing a fence to contain your horses. Horses have a tendency of walking-down the fence. What this means is that the will kick at the fence with their front legs putting downward pressure on the wire fence pushing it down. The obvious problem is that they could get out and possible get hurt. When purchasing fencing material it is important that a solid fence or post and rail fence be constructed for strength and visibility. If a wire mesh fence is used it should have a mesh pattern no more than 2" wide by 4" high. This tight patter on wire mesh fence will keep the hooves of the horse from getting caught in the fence. All post and wire splices should be smooth or have rounded edges as not to cut or stab the horse.

Equine Best Fence Choice

The ideal fence for a horse is a 4 rail corral fence painted white so that the horse can clearly see it. A corral fence is strong and can be made from wood or vinyl both excellent choices for your new horse fence. A combination of materials is often used also.

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