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Gutter Cleaned in Willis & Montgomery

When your roof catches all the water when it rains all of that water is quickly diverted to your gutter system. When the water runs down the roof it carries with it all the debris that is on the roof including roof granular, leaves, twigs, and the occasional tennis ball or other toy. All of this debris can obstruct the ability of your gutter system to diverts the large amount of water to the downspouts and away from your home.

The Gutter System

The gutters and downspouts are very important to a long lasting home. The foundation of your home should have a relatively consistent moisture content in the foundation and the ground it sits on. When the ground is saturated the shear weight of your home will begin to sink or subside in the wet ground. Wet ground is not the other problem if the home sinks when the dirt begins to dry the dirt will contract and harden and your slab will begin to crack. So you see it's important to keep the rain away but equally important to add moisture during drought.

The gutters also keep water off your siding and window seals which could rot if constant water was allowed to preside on them.

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