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The abuse your fence gets from rain to sun is considerable. A poorly constructed fence using substandard building practices, and less than choice wood will fail quickly. Houston Quality Fencing can fix your fence that your home builder or fly by night fence contract from the last hurricane put up.

During the last couple hurricanes many contractors came in from out of state and out of town hopeing to score a quick buck on the large number of downed fences. It has been our experience that we have found many fence that were built after Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Ike were built shabbily to say the least. Some of the things we have found are two rail fences, no concrete in the post holes, cheap nails that rust quickly and un-treated wood.

Wood Fence Repair

The majority of fence repair projects that we undertake are of wooden fences. Wood is suseptible to rot and decay. After about four or five years rot sets in and weakens the strength of the fence. When the first high wind comes in the fence takes the brunt catching the full force and the post weakened by rot and insect damage break. If the post dont break its likely the fence will lean due to a poorly set post.

Fence Picket Replacement

When the wooden pickets do not have at least a two inch gap from the bottom to the ground or sit upon a 2x6 or larger pressure treated rot board they will become damp and saturated often and rot from the bottom up. We often find fences that are structually sound because the post are rated for ground contanct. While the post and rails may be fine, the pickets have been attached to the rails with the bottoms directly touching the ground. These picket last only a few years at best before they rot out. In addition if the fence is built with just 2 rails then a middle rail should be added to keep the pickets from twisting and warping.

Post Replacement

Wooden post will always fail in time, buy with some basic rules you can avoid replacing them sooner rather than later. All post or really any wood having ground contact should be pressure treated for ground contact. Secondly the post should be buried at least 1/3 the height of the post in the ground. Finally the post should have a full bag of concrete in each post hole to give the post strength and reduce the amount of moisture getting to the wood.

HQF can replace broken or rotten post then re-attach the fence panels. Usually the post that rot first are in low areas of the yard where water ponds.

Fix Leaning Fences

When the wind blow fences will lean or fall. Wood fence post rot at the ground level were the combination of water and air meet. When the wood begins to rot it becomes a feeding fest for wood boring insects which accelerates the process. For rotten fence post the only real fix is to totally replace the post and re-pour the concrete.

Another reason fences lean is because the post was not set properly. This happens when the post is not buried deep enough, concrete is not used to anchor the post, or the post hole was not a great enough diameter to properly anchor the post. Any of the prior factors will allow the fence to be pushed over when a great enough force is exerted on it such as a high wind. We can usually fix these problems by digging around the post and adding more concrete, some case require replacing the post.

Gates That Sag

The reasons that a gate sags are consistant. The biggest reason is a poorly framed gate with incorrect diaginal bracing or no diaginal bracing. Other reasons a gate may sage are weak hinges, post that lean from the weight of the gate due to improper setting of the post, and wet and soft soil.

Minor adjustments can usually solve the problem of a sagging gate. There are other times that the entire gate needs to be re-built and the post re-set or replaced.

Broken Pickets

Wood pickets and split and crack leaving you with broken wood pickets. The cylcles of moisture levels, and temperatures can cause the wood to swell when wet, contract when dry, and the same as the temperature fluctuates. Other reasons you may have broken boards are from falling limbs and fast balls from your 13 year old. What ever the reason you fence boards are broken HQF can replace them for you.

Rotten Wood

Wood rot, what do you do other than cut it out and replace as soon as possible. Wood rot is an absolute cancer for your wooden fence. Once the wood gets wet and drys many times it will begin to rot. When the rot sets in it is an invitation for wood boring insects to invade.

A properly built wood privacy fence should have a rot board rated for ground contact or the pickets should be at least 2" clearance from the ground.

Fence Blown Down in Storm

Has the wind brought your fence to the ground? The most common failure when a fence is blown down is post that snap due to rotten wood post. Sometimes the fence will lean if the post was not set deep enough or not enough concrete was used to set the post.

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