Conroe, TX Deck Restoration

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Montgomery & Willis Deck Restoration

You have had your deck for a number of years now and it is starting to look bad and you are concerned whether or not it is safe. There is a window where your deck can be restored rather than demolished and a new deck will need to replace it. The regular rains and constant abuse of heat and sun in Conroe, Willis, and Montgomery can be harsh on exposed wood.

Revitalize Your Wood Deck

If it looks like your deck kcan safely and economically we may repair and restore your deck.

Deck Inspection

In order to restore your deck we will need to do a thourough inspection. We will identify all rotten wood, rusted bolts, exposed nails, and improper building techniques that need to be re-engineered. We will then list all problems and move on to the repair process next.

Structural Repair

We will repair all problems that were found in the inspection of your wood deck. All structual defects will be corrected and rotten wood will be replaced with galvanized screws, nails, or bolts as needed. The wood that has not been replaced will be double checked and make sure that they are securely screwed down to prevent safety hazards, twisting, warping, and bowing. One other thing we will do is add Simpson Strong Tie Hurricane Clips for a stronger deck.

Cosmetic Appearance

After the structual repair we will address any cosmetic issues as far as trim, planter boxes, etc. After those minor repairs or additions we will clean and brighten your deck.

Wood Sealant

When the deck is clean and brightened we will preserve it and seal it from the water and other elements.

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