Wood Deck Cleaning Conroe TX

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Pressure Washing and Wood Cleaning

Just sweeping the leaves off of your deck is not enought to keep it looking good and giving it a long health life. Yearly cleaning is advised to keep the fungus, mildew, and wood boring insect from deminishing the life of your wooden deck. HQF can clean all of your wood decks, patios, and fences. We pressure wash and clean your deck with professional wood cleaning products. We can finish up with water sealant to protect the wood for years to come.

Inspection of Your Wood Deck

We will inspect your deck for loose boards, exposed nails, rotten wood, and improper building techniques. We will also inform you of ways to improve upon the cosmetic appearance of your wood deck or patio.

After looking over your deck it's time to move to the next step.

Wood Preparation

After inspection the wood deck has all outdoor furniture, BBQ pits, potted plants, and anything else on the removed so we may completely clean the deck. We also move items under the deck and around the deck as well. We ask that you do this before hand so as not to incure an extra charge.

The most effective method of cleaning wood decks, fence, and patios is to correctly pressure wash them using the right amount of pressure and the correct tip. The wood deck is allowed to fully dry and then a special wood cleaning soluton is used to chemically clean the deck to restore the original coloring. After the deck is brightened we will again rinse the deck with a water hose or using the pressure washer with no chemicals.

Wood Finish and Sealing

After the wood has been pressure washed and brightened we can at that point apply stain, paint, or other covering. Depending on the finish we may apply a wood sealant if needed.

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