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Ranch Fence to Corral Your Livestock

If you have a ranch, farm, or even your personal residence you may have a need to contain larger animals or define the border of your property. Larger animals need a strong fence to hold up to the weight of a horse or cow leaning against the fence. Materials most often used to build a corral fence are 4x4 wooden post and 2x6 boards for the rails. Depending on your needs you may have anywhere from 2 to 4 rails to contain your larger livestock.

Country Fencing - Post & Rail

The construction of a ranch fence or a wild west style fence is fairly simple. A corral fence is simple, we run a string line to make sure that the fence line is stright and set the fence post a a uniform height to follow the contour of the land. After setting the post we use 2x6 boards to span the distance between the post and attach them to the face of each post. Depending on the fence design we can have 2, 3, 4, or more rows of fence board. In addtion we can give each fence post and/or top rail a decorative finish. All fence post are set at least 24" deep and use a full 80lb. bag of concrete.

Fencing Material Used For Corral Fence

The material used for your new corral fence would be dependant on the need or appliction of the fencing. Some of the most common materials used to build a corral fence are wood, vinyl, steel pipe, and flex fencing. HQF can help you pick out the best fencing to be used for your new corral or horse fence.

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