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We Hang Christmas Lights in Conroe

Actually we also serve Lake Conroe, Willis, Montgomery, and nearby areas. If you have a busy life you may find it more advantageous to have HQF-Associates to install your christmas lights on your home this holiday season. Maybe you you would like to hang your own lights but just buying a ladder that can reach certain areas my cost over $300.00, it may be a better value to have us to the job. The other reason you may have someone else hang your lights are that hanging Christmas Light Strands can be one of the most dangerours practices a home owner can do. Stay off the latter and let our experienced Christmas Lighting staff do the job and take the risk.

We Hang Christmas Lights --- Holiday Lights?
Happy Birthday Jesus Christ!

Christmas Light HistoryThe origin of hanging Christmas Lights have been forgotten or never even known by the mass public. The original Christmas Light display was of all things just a publicity stunt by Thomas Edison during the Christmas of 1880. The months befor Christmas, Edison had pretty well figured out his incandescent light bulb invention.

Although the electric Christmas light would not become commonplace until years
after Thomas Edison first created the incandescent light bulb, his invention spelled doom
to the candle-lit tree. In 1879, watching the world’s first truly functional light bulb give
off 40 hours of continuous light, Edison knew he would be a rich man. While Edison is
mostly remembered for his scientific genius, he also had a knack for making a buck.
During the 1880 Christmas season, he constructed an eight-mile underground wiring
system in order to power a grand light display on the grounds of his Menlo Park factory.
Situated along the railroad that passed between Manhattan and Philadelphia, Edison’s
light display so enraptured passers-by that one reporter labeled him “the enchanter.” The
light show was a sensationalist bit of self-promotion and part of a bid to gain a contract to
power Manhattan with electricity.23 It was the first time (but hardly the last) that
Christmas sentiment was used as a shrewd marketing tool. In 1900 retail stores began
stringing lights in their windows, taking advantage of Edison’s tactics and starting a trend
that has lasted until the present day.

In 1882, Edison displayed the first electrically-lit Christmas tree in the New York
City home of his friend and the Vice President of the Edison Electric Company, Edward
Johnson. The tree sat atop a motorized box that spun it around as eighty red, white and
blue lights blinked on and off to the delight of Johnson’s guests.25 Powered by an Edison
generator in the city, Johnson’s tree soon garnered media attention. An 1884 New York
Times article expressed the excitement many people felt for the new invention:

So from edison I draw that We hang Christmas Lights and NOT Holiday Lights. I don't beleive in redefining facts for political correctness, other reasons to include all. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays but we don't hang holiday lights just Christmas Lights.

LED Home Christmas Lighting

Just as Thomas Edison upraded the world from using dangerous candles on Christmas Trees, and outline peoples yards and homes in 1880, The LED lightbulb has done the same. LED lights use less energy produce less heat thus pose a less of a fire hazard.

When Clark Griswald wrapped his house in lights the electricity used was astonishing. Today with LED lighting clark could afford numerous National Lamppon Christmas Vacation s. The LED Christmas Light Bulbs are cooler to the touch which can reduce a fire hazard, use less energy, and are more durable and last for many seasons.

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