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Fence Builder Conroe, TX

For quality fencing for your home, farm, or ranch then give Houston Quality Fencing a call. Our crews have years of experience with wood, metal, iron, and vinyl fencing products. We have constructed quality fences from Lufkin to Galveston and have many happy clients in Lake Conroe, TX.

Wood Fences

Wood is the most popular material to use for fencing. It is used for it's natural welcoming look, ease of use, and functionality.

Privacy Fence

In most suburban communities there are HOAs, Those communities have standards and guidelines to follow. It is most common that a six foot privacy fence is required for the backyard. A standard privacy fence widely accepted by most communities is built in the following way:

Corral Fence

For a fence to surround you property to contain ho/a> for a budget price that will rival the life of a premium cedar fence.

Metal Fence

Metal fencing can come in a variety styles from a wrought iron fence or a R-Panel privacy fence. One of the most common metal fences is a chain-link fence which has been a popular fence style since the early 1950s.

Chain Link Fence

For a cost efficient fencing solution that provides the ability to define property borders, provide security, confine animals, and has the added ability to provide privacy and look good in the process.

Horse Fence / Field Fence

Farm and Ranches have special fencing needs. They first off need to contain their livestock, horses, and other animals. In addition as important to keep animals in they also may have the need to keep predators out in the case of a farm. It is often that they need strength in the fencing to contain larger animals while at the same time to keep smaller animals in and safe from other animals. The most common fence is a field fence that has a 2"x4" mesh so that the horses and other hoved animal don't get caught in the fence fabric. Field fence, electric fence, and barbed-wire are all tension fences and need to built with the understanding that the corner need to be very strong to carry the tension for long runs of fencing.

Security Fence

Your safety and the safety of your family is crucial. Most fencing products provide a minimal level of security from privacy to deterrence. Metal fencing is most suitable for security fencing due to its overall strength. Pickets can be strong, thin, and pointed on the ends and most home invaders will avoid climbing this type of fence if fear of slipping and falling on the sharp pickets. Security also comes in the form of solid metal panels such as an eight foot R-Panel fence, or barbed-wire or razor wire.

Wrought Iron Fence

Wrought Iron Fencing is often confused with other metal fencing such as tubular steel and tubular aluminum fencing. Wrought Iron is quite expensive and steel fencing is often substituted in its place. Wrought iron or Steel fencing are very strong and provide a top level of security and can be elegantly styled with classic curves that are timelessly fashionable.

Wire Mesh Fencing

The most common fencing on farms and ranches is a field fence with t-post and wire mesh fenchng fabric. This fencing is inexpensive and can define borders, contain animals, provides some security, and is installed quickly.

Decks and Deck Repair

We have crews to build you a new patio deck, covered deck, or elevated deck. In addition we can fix your deck and restore it to its past glory.

We will inspect, repair, clean, and seal your deck. For a complete deck restoration have us do a thourough inspection, fix the problems, clean your deck, and seal it from the elements. Our comprehensive deck repair and restoration service can save you thousands of dollars .vs replacing your deck.

Outdoor Sturctures & Outbuildings

Backyards accross the Lake Conroe, Willis, and Montgomery area have sheds, pergolas, trellis, arbors, and other structures in the backyard such as covered patios.

Outdoor Living

☺ Patio Rooms
☺ Patio Covers
☺ Pergolas
☺ Outdoor Kitchens
☺ Concrete
☺ Stamped Concrete
☺ Spray Decks
☺ Shade Arbors
☺ Pavilions
☺ Pavers
☺ Decks

Trellis / Arbors

If you have a small area in which you would like to grow climbing vines or bushes then you would consider a trellis against a wall or fence. If you are looking for a little larger structure such as growing vines over a gate or sitting bench than you would be interested in an arbour.


In case you are looking for a open structure to provide shade and possibly use as a garden structure to train plants on then a pergola is a good choice. A pergola is usually constructed with larger post that have larger beams and rafters with purlins crossing the top of the structure to create a lattice of wood to provide shade and protection from the sun.


Every home owner has the need for additional storage for a number of home and garden items. Utillity sheds come in many sizes and have many roof structures. Give us a call to build your shed or barn today.

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